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I've always been creative and had an entrepreneuric spirit.  From the time I was 13 and making dog biscuit magnets and stocking people jars to sell at local craft fairs, to working in a florist during my college years.  Reality struck however, and as fate would have it, I found myself entering into the NYC Rat Race.  For 25 years, I worked my way up from a front desk receptionist to the Practice Administrator of a prestigious medical firm.  It was always there though, that little voice in my head...."Get out.  Do what you LOVE.  Be Creative. "  

One day my sister came for a visit with her 2 little girls.  It struck me like LIGHTENING.  I miss girly-girl things!!!  Having 2 boys and a husband, meant A LOT of boys around - ALL THE TIME!  I missed the pinks, the sparkles, the ruffles, the Princess things.  I realized I needed to do something for girls; be apart of girls lives; make girls giggle and smile. 

For the next 2 years I worked 20 hour days between my day job and my 24-7 online store on Etsy.  Realizing not even a SUPER WOMAN can withstand that, my family decided to move across the country to allow me the opportunity to take what I have built from the ground up to the next level.  Leaving a secure job was SCARY.  Life is short though.  We should all do WHAT WE LOVE.  Don't give up your day job right away!  Think about what it is you are missing; what will make you CONTENT.  Work it into your daily life at first.  Put in A LOT of hours.  You'll get there.  You will.  Do it.  JUST DO IT.

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