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The Funny Thing Is...

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The funny thing is, I was never an online shopper.  I hated it.  I needed to see the item in person, touch it, walk out with it.  Sure I would spend countless hours on the computer searching and adding items to my shopping cart, but then the hesitation would set in.  "What if it does not really look like the picture?"  "What if it is not as soft as they say it is?" "What if that isn't really that color?".  "Looks good, but I bet it's cheap looking in person." 

The funny thing is, here I am now, an online SELLER!  Here I am, still asking those same questions.  Only now, I ask them OF myself, FOR my customers.  The photos in our shop of little ones in the tutus, tutu dresses and rompers are from real customers who shared them with us, not stock photos.  I feel like these really tell the story of our products, our outfits.  Your Princess only has one First Birthday.  We know how special that day is.  To be a part of that forever memory is extremely humbling and an honor.  So trust us,  what you see is what you GET!

Kadees Kloset is where you will find the must-have for that special day.  Take a peek inside!

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